Lonofi ambience « Brave New World »

Winter Romeo
"How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world That has such people in't!"

Descriptive tags

traditional music - farmer - blacksmith -

Track « Individuals drinking tea »

Small group of individuals preparing, pouring and drinking tea

Track « Boiling stew »

Preparing the most delicious stew for a family meal

Track « Reading a book »

Someone reading and turning the pages of a book

Track « Old wooden door »

Walking through an old wooden door with lock

Track « Quill pen »

Someone writing with a quill pen

Track « Typewriter »

An old typewriter

Track « Gift unwrapping »

People unwrapping a gift

Track « Blacksmith »

A blacksmith working

Track « Farmer »

A farmer harvesting a field with a scythe

Track « Laboratory »

Futuristic laboratory background with sounds of air conditioning, engines and computers

Track « Extractor hood »

The sound of an extractor hood

Track « Old library storage »

Individual taking books from an old library storage with doors

Track « Ceiling fan »

A ceiling fan spinning fast

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « Man laughing »

One man laughing

Track « Small group speaking »

A small group of women and men speaking outside

Track « Traditional Mongolian song »

A small group singing a Traditional Mongolian welcoming song

Track « Tribal beats »

A beat made exclusively with wooden sounds to chill and dance

Track « Grasshoppers chirping »

A medium-sized group of grasshoppers chirping in background with intensity variation, and one or two grasshoppers chirping in foreground

Track « Cicadas (2) »

A cicada chorus singing in the background

Track « Cricket chorus (3) »

Small group of crickets chirping

Track « Horse neighing »

A horse snorting and neighing