Lonofi ambience « African night »

orrin wright
The lion sleeps tonight

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Track « Common hippopotamus »

No description provided yet

Track « Siamang Gibbon »

A group of Siamang Gibbons calling

Track « Elephant »

One elephant trumpeting, growling and spitting water

Track « Bison (1) »

Bison bellowing

Track « Cicadas (3) »

A small group of cicadas singing in the foreground

Track « Frog (2) »

Frogs croak very loudly at the waterlily pond of Claude Monet at Giverny

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Soft thunder »

Soft thunder strikes

Track « Tribal beats »

A beat made exclusively with wooden sounds to chill and dance