Lonofi ambience « A day at the farm »

A writer is seeking inspiration in the countryside

Descriptive tags

Track « Lointaine église »

Medium pitched church bell from Sepurine, Croatia

Track « Lavoir domestique »

Individual doing laundry at public fountain

Track « Wooden furniture creaking »

Wooden furniture creaking while being pushed

Track « Old wooden door »

Walking through an old wooden door with lock

Track « Vieux meuble »

Individual taking books from an old library storage with doors

Track « Quill pen »

Someone writing with a quill pen

Track « Two spotted doves »

Two spotted doves cooing and flying

Track « Common whitethroat »

A common whitethroat singing

Track « Oiseaux moqueurs »

No description provided yet

Track « Rossignols chantant »

Two nightingales singing

Track « Lambs bleating »

Some lambs bleating

Track « Cattle mooing »

Some cattles mooing

Track « Horse eating & neighing »

A single horse eating, snorting and neighing

Track « Chats de la maison »

Two young cats meowing

Track « Chants de coqs »

Some roosters crowing