Lonofi ambience « Ashbourne's Marketplace »

Levi Nunyme
Dumb stuffs for D&D

Descriptive tags

traditional music -

Track « Common blackbird »

Common blackbird singing

Track « Large group speaking (1) »

Large group of women, men and children speaking and laughing

Track « Large group yelling »

A large group of men speaking and yelling

Track « Medium group speaking (1) »

A medium-sized group of men and women speaking

Track « Men speaking »

Three men speaking

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « Guqin (string instrument) »

The guqin is a plucked seven-string traditional Chinese instrument

Track « Duduk (flute) »

The duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument

Track « Traditional Mongolian song »

A small group singing a Traditional Mongolian welcoming song

Track « Bamboo wind chime (1) »

Bamboo wind chime with native reverb

Track « Sirius »

Sirius drone

Track « Walking on concrete (1) »

One person walking on concrete

Track « Walking on wood (1) »

One person walking on wood

Track « Cicadas (1) »

A cicada chorus with a small group of cicadas singing in the foreground

Track « Carriages »

One or two carriages passing by on concrete