Lonofi ambience « Jasper and Jordan's Treehouse »

A small hand built house deep in the forests of Washington, home to one of the fae and her vampire lover. Sweet melodies and beautiful animals are always about.

Descriptive tags

relaxing - dream -

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Small river (1) »

The sound of a small river

Track « Tawny owl »

No description provided yet

Track « Wood thrush »

A single wood thrush singing

Track « Nightingale »

Common nightingale singing

Track « Classical guitar »

A chill out guitar music

Track « Wolf pack howling »

A small or large pack of wolf howling

Track « Elk (1) »

An elk bugling

Track « Walking on wood FP »

One person walking on wood (First person view)

Track « Reading a book »

Someone reading and turning the pages of a book

Track « Old wooden door »

Walking through an old wooden door with lock

Track « Wooden furniture creaking »

Wooden furniture creaking while being pushed

Track « Light magic »

Someone casting a light spell

Track « Healing magic »

Someone casting a healing spell