Lonofi ambience « Siege of St-John of Acre »

Napoleon is besieging the walled city

Track « Tents, flags and wind »

Strong wind howling & tent flapping

Track « Fencing drill »

Two individuals dueling with swords.

Track « Mortars and cannons »

One, two, three or four cannons firing

Track « Grand Battery of the Convention »

One, two, three or four cannons firing

Track « Duduk (flute) »

The duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument

Track « Fujara (flute) »

The Fujara is a traditional Slovakian overtone fipple flute

Track « Santur (hammered strings) »

The santur is hammered dulcimer of Iranic origins

Track « Tambura (plucked strings) »

The tambura is a traditional Macedonian string instrument

Track « Horses and supply carriages »

One or two horses walking on concrete. One or two carriages passing by on concrete

Track « Stables »

A single horse eating, snorting and neighing

Track « Hussards Squadron »

One, two or a small group of horses gaolloping or trotting in the dust.

Track « Regiment of Dragoons »

Horses galloping and eating

Track « 17th Century Battlefield »

Renaissance battle, including horses galloping, men shouting, swords, guns and cannons

Track « 18th Century Battlefield »

Revolutionary War battle, including musket and cannon fire as well as general background of yelling

Track « Musket volley »

Musket volley

Track « Sparse musket fire »

Sparse musket fire

Track « Watch guards »

A group of soldiers marching on dirt

Track « Soldiers on duty »

Medieval or ancient soldiers marching

Track « Napoleonic army »

Medieval or ancient soldiers marching along a trumpets fanfare

Track « Military fanfare »

Soldiers marching with music during US civil war

Track « Explosions »

A series of distant explosions

Track « More explosions »

A series of distant explosions