Lonofi ambience « Pirogue trip in rainforest »

A group of adventurers exploring the rainforest in the search for a lost city.

Descriptive tags

tropical forest - two - day - outside -

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Rain in forest »

Moderate rain in rainforest

Track « Water drops »

Close water drops dripping

Track « Rowing boat »

Wooden rowing boat with one or two paddles

Track « Crickets chorus »

A small group of crickets singing in the background

Track « Crickets singing »

Three species of crickets singing in duet

Track « Howler monkey »

A group of howler monkeys

Track « Siamang Gibbon »

A group of Siamang Gibbons calling

Track « Lar Gibbon »

One Lar Gibbon calling

Track « Chachalaca »

Chachalaca screaming

Track « Screaming piha »

Screaming piha singing

Track « Montezuma oropendola »

Two montezuma oropendolas calling

Track « Wattlebird »

Wattlebird singing