Lonofi ambience « Confusion »

Artie Bickford Jr

Track « Night insects in the grass »

Night insects in the grass in a Thai jungle

Track « Cricket chorus (2) »

Three species of crickets chirping

Track « Fireflies & cicadas (2) »

Fireflies & cicadas at night in the National Park Doi Suthep, Thailand

Track « European turtle dove »

One european turtle dove cooing

Track « Tawny owl »

No description provided yet

Track « Song thrush (1) »

Song thrush singing

Track « Eastern whip-poor will »

One Eastern whip-poor will singing

Track « Ambient Piano »

A calm piano music to help you sleep

Track « High-tech guitar »

A meditative music for electric guitar

Track « Shakuhachi (flute) »

A soothing, meditative shakuhachi melody

Track « Lo-fi beats »

A lo-fi beat to chill and get some good vibes

Track « Tambura (string instrument) »

The tambura is a traditional Macedonian string instrument

Track « Xiao (flute) »

The xiao is a traditional Chinese end-blown flute

Track « Koto and bongo »

Amateur koto player improvising ancient music with bongo player

Track « Koshi wind chime (1) »

Medium-pitched Koshi wind chime

Track « Singing bowl (4) »

Low-pitched Tibetan Singing Bowl

Track « Sleigh bells (3) »

Sleigh bells ringing Sound

Track « High-tech alpha waves »

A relaxing alpha waves drone

Track « Heartbeat »

A heartbeat sound

Track « Aquarius (Pitch variation) »

Aquarius drone with pitch variation

Track « Large group of bats »

A large group of bats screeching

Track « Wolf pack howling »

A small or large pack of wolf howling

Track « Elk (1) »

An elk bugling

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « Man laughing »

One man laughing

Track « Heavy thunder »

Heavy thunder strikes

Track « Campfire »


Track « Wind howling »

Strong wind howling

Track « Rain from open window »

Moderate rain falling against the room's walls and windows

Track « Cave water dripping »

Sound of water dripping in a large cave

Track « Magic cauldron »

Preparing some magic potions... are you sure you found all the ingredients?

Track « Ceiling fan »

A ceiling fan spinning fast

Track « Church bell from Girona (1) »

Medium pitched church bell from Girona, Spain

Track « Dragon roaring »

A dragon roaring

Track « Pacific tree frog »

Pacific tree frog croaking