Lonofi ambience « Calming anxiety »

Bridget Sullivan
I like to use either the Cassiopeia ambient hum or the flute- I know its weird to have a silent track in there- but i definitely encourage playing around and seeing which you like. They even sound pretty okay together if you're into that.

Descriptive tags

window - tropical forest - inside - thailand -

Track « Cassiopeia (Pitch variation) »

Cassiopeia drone with pitch variation

Track « Xiao (flute) »

The xiao is a traditional Chinese end-blown flute

Track « Rain from open window »

Moderate rain falling against the room's walls and windows

Track « Moderate thunder »

Moderate thunder strikes

Track « Night insects in the grass »

Night insects in the grass in a Thai jungle

Track « Fireplace »

Firefplace with crackling fire

Track « European turtle dove »

One european turtle dove cooing

Track « Irrigation ditch »

The sound of an irrigation ditch