Lonofi ambience « Ancient Sands »

1314 Adorns
Take a journey through the Egyptian sands to the ancient pyramids.

Track « Duduk (flute) »

The duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument

Track « Fujara (flute) »

The Fujara is a traditional Slovakian overtone fipple flute

Track « Arcturus »

Arcturus drone

Track « Buddhist monks (2) »

Buddhist monks from Himalaya playing drums, Tibetan horns (dungchen) and bells

Track « Santur (string instrument) »

The santur is hammered dulcimer of Iranic origins

Track « Tambura (string instrument) »

The tambura is a traditional Macedonian string instrument

Track « Aldebaran »

Aldebaran drone

Track « Pegasus (Pitch variation) »

Pegasus drone with pitch variation

Track « Healing magic »

Someone casting a healing spell

Track « Light magic »

Someone casting a light spell

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Crickets singing (1) »

Three species of crickets singing in duet

Track « Metal wind chime (1) »

High-pitched metal wind chime

Track « Aldebaran (Pitch variation) »

Aldebaran drone with pitch variation

Track « Arcturus (Pitch variation) »

Arcturus drone with pitch variation