Lonofi ambience « Jungle Aesthetic »

Aaron Mowrer
Cool jungle SFX.

Descriptive tags

tropical forest - thailand -

Track « Large group of bats »

A large group of bats screeching

Track « Siamang Gibbon »

A group of Siamang Gibbons calling

Track « Common blackbird »

Common blackbird singing

Track « European turtle dove »

One european turtle dove cooing

Track « Song thrush (1) »

Song thrush singing

Track « Cicadas (1) »

A cicada chorus with a small group of cicadas singing in the foreground

Track « Cricket chorus (1) »

A small group of crickets chirping in the background

Track « Grasshoppers chirping »

A medium-sized group of grasshoppers chirping in background with intensity variation, and one or two grasshoppers chirping in foreground

Track « Night insects in the grass »

Night insects in the grass in a Thai jungle

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Pacific tree frog »

Pacific tree frog croaking

Track « Waterfall (1) »

Large waterfall

Track « One or two lynxes »

One or two lynxes growling