Lonofi ambience « 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express »

It is september 1st 1978 and you are a soon to be 1st year waiting for the hogwarts express in platform 9 3/4

Descriptive tags

Track « Train passing by (1) »

Steam train passing by

Track « Large group speaking (1) »

Large group of women, men and children speaking and laughing

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « An epic journey »

An epic music for your biggest adventure

Track « Light magic »

Someone casting a light spell

Track « Train whistle (2) »

Burkle Lake (Virgina, USA) has a medium sized train that people can ride. This is the sound of it's whistle.

Track « Walking on concrete (6) »

One person walking on concrete