Lonofi ambience « Medieval Camp »

Step into a medieval camp and get some sleep before the big battle tomorrow

Track « Sharpening a sword »

Someone sharpening a sword

Track « Walking on gravel »

One person walking on gravel

Track « Individuals drinking tea »

Small group of individuals preparing, pouring and drinking tea

Track « Reading a book »

Someone reading and turning the pages of a book

Track « Soft thunder »

Soft thunder strikes

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « Horse trotting »

One horse trotting on concrete

Track « Dog (2) »

A medium-sized dog barking

Track « Fireplace »

Firefplace with crackling fire

Track « Chicken cackles (2) »

A chicken cackles

Track « Common blackbird »

Common blackbird singing

Track « Frog (1) »

A large group of frogs croaking

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Fireflies & cicadas (1) »

Fireflies & cicadas at night in the National Park Doi Suthep, Thailand

Track « Tent flapping »

Tent flapping in the wind

Track « Small group speaking »

A small group of women and men speaking outside

Track « Men speaking »

Three men speaking

Track « Rain in forest »

Moderate rain in rainforest