Lonofi ambience « The Cafe »

Kylie Youst
on a rainy Thursday night

Descriptive tags

window - inside -

Track « Medium group speaking (1) »

A medium-sized group of men and women speaking

Track « Men laughing »

A small group of men laughing

Track « Ambient Piano »

A calm piano music to help you sleep

Track « Guqin (string instrument) »

The guqin is a plucked seven-string traditional Chinese instrument

Track « Traffic USA »

Trafic Sounds, Los Angeles, USA

Track « Individuals drinking tea »

Small group of individuals preparing, pouring and drinking tea

Track « Old wooden door »

Walking through an old wooden door with lock

Track « Rain from open window »

Moderate rain falling against the room's walls and windows

Track « Car passing by (1) »

A few cars passing-by

Track « Pink noise »

Pink noise

Track « Small group speaking »

A small group of women and men speaking outside