Lonofi ambience « A saddend camp »

Emily Sparrowfoot
A camp of warriors, who have seemed to have lost all hope.

Descriptive tags

traditional music -

Track « Traditional Mongolian song »

A small group singing a Traditional Mongolian welcoming song

Track « Horse walking »

One horse walking on concrete

Track « Horse trotting »

One horse trotting on concrete

Track « Small group speaking »

A small group of women and men speaking outside

Track « Bow & arrow »

One people shooting a bow and arrow

Track « Running on dirt »

One person running on dirt

Track « Song thrush (4) »

Song thrush singing

Track « Duduk (flute) »

The duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument

Track « Horse neighing »

A horse snorting and neighing

Track « Train passing by (1) »

Steam train passing by

Track « Men speaking »

Three men speaking