Lonofi ambience « Future War »

Keene S
War set in the future.

Descriptive tags

Track « Hive mind »

A music to help you focus and concentrate

Track « Light magic »

Someone casting a light spell

Track « Aquarius (Pitch variation) »

Aquarius drone with pitch variation

Track « Distant explosions (1) »

A series of distant explosions

Track « Soldiers marching (1) »

A group of soldiers marching on dirt

Track « Flying cars (1) »

A few flying cars passing-by at high speed

Track « Spacecraft (1) »

Spacecraft background with sounds of air conditioning and engine

Track « Electronic sounds »

Sparse electronic sounds coming from several computers

Track « Laboratory »

Futuristic laboratory background with sounds of air conditioning, engines and computers

Track « Large group yelling »

A large group of men speaking and yelling

Track « Battle horn »

one person blowing a battle horn