Lonofi ambience « Nile Valley in ancient Egypt »

Daylight works in the fields on the Nile Valley in ancient egypt with hippopotamus, birds and music.

Descriptive tags

delta - ancient history - day - outside - farmer - egypt -

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Irrigation ditch »

Irrigation ditch with flow variation

Track « Grasshoppers chirping »

A medium-sized group of grasshoppers chirping in background with intensity variation, and one or two grasshoppers chirping in foreground

Track « River waves »

Small river waves

Track « Two new holland honeyeaters »

Two new holland honeyeaters singing

Track « Farmers harvesting »

One or two farmers gathering a ripe crop from the fields using scythes.

Track « Common hippopotamus »

No description provided yet

Track « Hadada ibis »

A small group of Hadada ibis calling

Track « Koto and bongo »

Amateur koto player improvising ancient music with bongo player