Lonofi ambience « Afterworld dream of afterlife »

To meet my passed loved ones

Descriptive tags

blacksmith -

Track « Tawny owl »

No description provided yet

Track « Cicadas (2) »

A cicada chorus singing in the background

Track « Small group whispering »

A small group of men whispering

Track « Man laughing »

One man laughing

Track « Walking on dirt (3) »

two people walking on dirt

Track « Lo-fi bass »

A lo-fi jazz bass to chill and feel the good vibes

Track « Koshi wind chime (2) »

Low -pitched and medium-pitched Koshi wind chime

Track « Metal wind chime (1) »

High-pitched metal wind chime

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Campfire »


Track « Carriages »

One or two carriages passing by on concrete

Track « Blacksmith »

A blacksmith working

Track « Healing magic »

Someone casting a healing spell

Track « Old wooden door »

Walking through an old wooden door with lock