Lonofi ambience « Adeptus Mechanicus Temple »

Aboard the Imperator Class Titan "Deorum Malleo", the Cult Mechanicus worship the glorious God-Machine of war, and the Omnessiah who gives it life and power.

Descriptive tags

Track « High-tech pad »

A relaxing pad for your sci-fi ambiences

Track « Typewriter »

An old typewriter

Track « Walking on concrete (1) »

One person walking on concrete

Track « Spacecraft (1) »

Spacecraft background with sounds of air conditioning and engine

Track « Distant explosions (1) »

A series of distant explosions

Track « Laboratory »

Futuristic laboratory background with sounds of air conditioning, engines and computers

Track « Small group whispering »

A small group of men whispering

Track « Cannon fire »

One, two, three or four cannons firing

Track « Soldiers marching (1) »

A group of soldiers marching on dirt