Lonofi ambience « Breakfast in the farm field »

Melissa Ward
Fixing a back pasture fence can be tiring work even if you start at dawn. You set up a small campsite to start breakfast for the fellow hard workers

Descriptive tags

cave - inside - stonemason -

Track « European turtle dove »

One european turtle dove cooing

Track « Song thrush (1) »

Song thrush singing

Track « Chicken cackles (1) »

A chicken cackles

Track « Wood thrush »

A single wood thrush singing

Track « Common blackbird »

Common blackbird singing

Track « Common chiffchaff singing »

Common chiffchaff singing

Track « Nightingale »

Common nightingale singing

Track « Great tit »

A Great tit singing

Track « Song sparrow »

Song sparrow singing

Track « Common whitethroat »

A common whitethroat singing

Track « Fireplace »

Firefplace with crackling fire

Track « Wheat in the Wind »

Large wheat field ready for harvest in gentle winds

Track « Cave water dripping »

Sound of water dripping in a large cave

Track « Cricket chorus (1) »

A small group of crickets chirping in the background

Track « Cattle mooing »

Some cattles mooing

Track « Sheep bleating (1) »

Some sheeps bleating

Track « Walking on leaves »

One person walking on leaves

Track « Individuals drinking tea »

Small group of individuals preparing, pouring and drinking tea

Track « Chopping vegetables »

A bunch of vegetables being chopped to cook

Track « Stonemasons »

A group of stonemasons working

Track « Boiling stew »

Preparing the most delicious stew for a family meal

Track « Shovelling snow »

People shoveling snow