Lonofi ambience « Beyond The Event Horizon »

Long Sean Silver
The gaping maw of the traveling black hole devoured your vessel as quickly as it appeared. The shock of the encounter soon fades as you realize its grip on you is gentler than you would have expected, but you soon understand you will never again reach your destination. Now, as you spend the rest of your days pulled ever tighter into its embrace, you take solace knowing no forewarning or maneuver could have prevented this outcome - For you have been chosen to become a part of something greater.

Descriptive tags

Track « Orion »

Orion drone

Track « Underwater ambient (1) »

A deep underwater ambient

Track « Antares »

Antares drone

Track « Aldebaran »

Aldebaran drone

Track « Endurance »

A cinematic creepy drone

Track « Spacecraft (2) »

Spacecraft background with sounds of air conditioning and engine

Track « High-tech pad »

A relaxing pad for your sci-fi ambiences

Track « Orion »

Orion drone

Track « Tibetan monks »

Small group of Tibetan monks singing