Lonofi ambience « Beats in the jungle »

Adrian Gomar
All the animals are singing together!

Track « Wood beats »

A beat made exclusively with wooden sounds for chill and dance

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Toucan »

One Toucan calling

Track « Mockingbird »

Mockingbird singing

Track « Wood thrush »

A single wood thrush singing

Track « Chachalaca »

Chachalaca screaming

Track « Howler monkey »

A group of howler monkeys

Track « Bonobo »

A small group of Bonobos screaming

Track « Montezuma oropendola »

Two montezuma oropendolas calling

Track « Common chiffchaff singing »

Common chiffchaff singing

Track « Pacific tree frog »

Pacific tree frog croaking

Track « Cricket chorus (2) »

Three species of crickets chirping

Track « Insects in a bush »

Insects clicking in a bush in a Thai jungle