Lonofi ambience « All the mammels »

This is legit just all the mammels noises

Descriptive tags

Track « Large group of bats »

A large group of bats screeching

Track « Cats meowing »

Two young cats meowing

Track « Cows mooing »

Some cows mooing

Track « Dog (1) »

Cross-bred dog barking in the barnyard

Track « Horse neighing »

A horse snorting and neighing

Track « Lambs bleating »

Some lambs bleating

Track « Common hippopotamus »

No description provided yet

Track « Humpback whale (1) »

A humpback whale singing at the bottom of the ocean

Track « One or two lynxes »

One or two lynxes growling

Track « Siamang Gibbon »

A group of Siamang Gibbons calling

Track « Wolf pack howling »

A small or large pack of wolf howling

Track « Bears »

Bears eating and growling

Track « Elephant »

One elephant trumpeting, growling and spitting water

Track « Elk (2) »

An elk bugling from far away