Lonofi ambience « Fantasy Meadow »

Lilly Mckee
Imagine yourself in a fantasy world on a journey through an unknown land with a group of companions. As you make your way down the beaten path before you you notice many beautiful things.

Descriptive tags

forest - rural - past - outside - relaxing - fantasy ambience - adventure -

Track « Sirius »

Sirius drone

Track « Elk (2) »

An elk bugling from far away

Track « Common blackbird »

Common blackbird singing

Track « Song thrush (1) »

Song thrush singing

Track « Wind through trees »

Wind through trees with significant volume variation

Track « Waterfall (1) »

Large waterfall

Track « Bamboo wind chime (1) »

Bamboo wind chime with native reverb

Track « Small group whispering »

A small group of men whispering

Track « Walking on leaves »

One person walking on leaves

Track « Frog (1) »

A large group of frogs croaking

Track « Grasshoppers chirping »

A medium-sized group of grasshoppers chirping in background with intensity variation, and one or two grasshoppers chirping in foreground