Lonofi ambience « The Nile »

Goddess Nyx
A trip down the Nile river in ancient Eygpt

Descriptive tags

Track « Dragon roaring »

A dragon roaring

Track « Rowing boat »

Wooden rowing boat with one or two paddles

Track « Hadada ibis »

A small group of Hadada ibis calling

Track « Tribal chants »

A tribal voices music

Track « Tribal didgeridoo »

A didgeridoo drone

Track « Duduk (flute) »

The duduk is a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument

Track « Koto and bongo »

Amateur koto player improvising ancient music with bongo player

Track « Grasshoppers chirping »

A medium-sized group of grasshoppers chirping in background with intensity variation, and one or two grasshoppers chirping in foreground