Lonofi ambience « A Night with the Whales »

Shawn Rauls
You and your better half are walking along the beach and noticed a big thunderstorm rolling in over the empty beautiful ocean. You see a empty tent and make camp waiting for the thunderstorm to blow over. You make a cozy campfire, snuggle up with your partner and enjoy the scenery and company of Whales singing exclusively while dancing in the ocean. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.

Descriptive tags

japan - pebble beach -

Track « Humpback whale (1) »

A humpback whale singing at the bottom of the ocean

Track « Heavy thunder »

Heavy thunder strikes

Track « River waves »

Small river waves on the river

Track « Ocean »

Sound of the ocean

Track « Rain on textile »

Heavy rain falling on textile and concrete

Track « Campfire »


Track « Seagulls (2) »

A medium-sized group of seagulls calling

Track « Tent flapping »

Tent flapping in the wind

Track « Tajima island »

Sound of the ocean on a pebble beach at Tajima island, Japan

Track « Soft thunder »

Soft thunder strikes

Track « Wind howling »

Strong wind howling