Lonofi ambience « A night in Alaska »

Enjoy some sled dogs,wolves, and more! Also I made this since I was bored

Descriptive tags

relaxing - dream -

Track « Wolf pack howling »

A small or large pack of wolf howling

Track « Siberian Huskies »

A medium-sized group of Siberian Huskies barking and howling

Track « Tawny owl »

No description provided yet

Track « Cricket chorus (1) »

A small group of crickets chirping in the background

Track « Sled dogs »

A group of about twenty Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes barking

Track « Venetian summer »

A chill out guitar music

Track « Hive mind »

A music to help you focus and concentrate

Track « Above the clouds »

A soft background music to fall asleep

Track « Hindu music (3) »

Hindu music with tanpura and tabla

Track « Dogs pulling a sled »

Group of sled dogs pulling a sled (1st person perspective)