Lonofi ambience « A Battle Between Lost Kingdoms »

Saul Mcbride
Join me in the cries of Battle

Track « Seagulls (2) »

A medium-sized group of seagulls calling

Track « Large group yelling »

A large group of men speaking and yelling

Track « Sword duel »

Two individuals dueling with swords.

Track « Medieval Battle »

Medieval battle background

Track « Cannon fire »

One, two, three or four cannons firing

Track « Walking on gravel »

One person walking on gravel

Track « Arrow impacts (2) »

Impacts of an arrow volley

Track « Campfire »


Track « Horses galloping »

Group of horses galloping

Track « Church bell from Lumbarda »

Medium pitched church bell from Lumbarda, Croatia

Track « An epic journey »

An epic music for your biggest adventure

Track « Battle horn »

one person blowing a battle horn

Track « Distant explosions (2) »

A series of distant explosions

Track « Volley of arrows »

Small group of archers firing volleys of arrows